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social media conferenceToday your potential clients are looking for your services the top social networks (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube).

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In these 90-minute workshops we will teach you all the fundamental basics behind using major social media networks or video production to promote your health and wellness business online.

The cost is $75 and includes clever presentations, useful resources, hands-on guidance, and answers to all of your questions. Simply click on each course title below to view more information and register for the workshop of your choice.

Introduction to Social Media Workshop:   Attend this workshop to find the answers your looking for and learn more about how you can get started with social media for your health and wellness business.

Building a Professional LinkedIn Profile Workshop: Do you want to know how LinkedIn can change the way you market your wellness business and why you should use it? Come check out this workshop to answer these common questions and more about using LinkedIn.

Introduction to Using Video Workshop: This workshop introduces the basics of video production and promotion, so that you can have the tools and hands-on guidance you need to begin using video for your health and wellness business.

Building A Professional Brand Page on Facebook Workshop: Wondering how Facebook has changed the way you engage with customers and promote your health business? This workshop will give you the guidance you're looking for to get started on Facebook for your health and wellnesss business.

Blogging Workshop for Your Health and Wellness Business: Curious about how to start a blog for your wellness business, or what you should blog about? At this workshop we can help you answer all of these questions and any others you may have, so that you can learn all the basics of blogging and more.

Using Twitter for Your Business Workshop: How can Twitter change the way you promote your health and wellness business online? This workshop will teach you everything you need to get started with Twitter.


An alternative to our educational workshops, these 60-minute roundtable discussions will give you an opportunity to get your questions answered, while sharing ideas and techniques with other members of your industry.

For $10 online or $15 at the door, we offer roundtables that cover each of the major social media networks as well as using video for marketing your health and wellness business. Just click on each title below to find more information and to register today.

LinkedIn Roundtable Discussion for the Health and Wellness Industry: Ask us your questions and learn from others in the industry at this hour-long roundtable session, where we will give you the LinkedIn guidance and answers you're looking for and much more.

Facebook Roundtable Discussion for the Health and Wellness Industry:   We'll answer these common Facebook questions and allow you to share other Facebook ideas and concerns with other members of the wellness industry.

Twitter Roundtable Discussion for the Health & Wellness Industry: Learn and discuss the best practices of using Twitter from our social media experts and other members in your industry.

Social Media Roundtable Discussion for the Health & Wellness Industry: Hosted by two of our social media experts, this hour-long session will give you the guidance and answers you're looking for, allow you to share social media ideas and efforts with fellow industry members and more. 

What our attendees are saying...

"I am glad to know there is someone I can ask a question to. I liked how you made it all approachable, not so intimidating. It may take me a little while to get myself out there, but I will! Thank you!" -Kari Pollert, L.Ac., AAC Member

"All of you were great. The breaking down of it all. You were all very professional as well. Thank you for creating this." -Sharon Bamberg, Acupuncturist, L.Ac., AAC Member


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