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How BackJoy Is Changing The World's Posture - One Back At A Time


Backjoy Orthotics is a personal wellness product company that exists to “change the way the world sits, stands, and sleeps,” according to its CEO Bing Howenstein. The foundation of the company was initially based on one product, a foam structure that lines the lower back and supports the stomach to improve lower and upper back posture. FeelGoodNow talked to Howenstein at the LOHAS conference, where Backjoy was preparing to release its new product: a pillow engineered to improve shoulder and neck posture. They also came out with orthopedic comfort soles to improve standing posture and foot comfort. The LOHAS community is an obvious niche to market their products to because of their consumer’s desire to take care of and maintain their bodies, even at an early age. They are also in process of improving their product manufacturing techniques to ensure that they are creating the most environmentally responsible product possible. You can buy your own BackJoy product on their website.

Important Facts Before You Choose Alternative Health Suppliments

how to choose alternative health suppliments

On Saturday June 23, Monika Nuffer and Lana Bradley spoke to Fitness Blogger Conferenence attendees about the importance of complementary and integrative medicine. There are many forms of alternative health practices ranging from supplemental medicines to Chinese medical practices. Assessing the credibility of these practitioners, medicines and informational sites is extremely important.

Video: Importance of Group Therapy for Internal Family Systems


Licensed Clinical Social Worker Donna Roe Daniell (Gunbarrel, CO) discusses the importance of group therapy in the Internal Family Systems model in this video.

Video: Moxa Use By Acupuncturists

Container of moxabustion and cotton balls

Moxa is an herbal variation of mugwort that has been consistently used for medicinal purposes in both traditional Japanese and Chinese medicine for years. It is ground up or rolled up into a consistency similar to that of wool, and comes in a variety of ways including in sticks, cigar-like rolls, and even in large quantites in bags.

Video: Massage Therapy For Pregnancy

Fox Magdovitz massage therapist

Boulder, Colorado based massage therapist J. Fox Magdovitz discusses the benefits of massage therapy for expecting mothers in these short educational videos.

Video: Importance of Meridians in Acupuncture

Meridians in Acupuncture

Meridians are channels through which the body's Qi flows. If you consider meridians to be roadways, then there are certain key places where the Qi energy can be accessed. These are the acupuncture points where needles are inserted.

Health Study Shows Link Between Pulmonary Inflammation And House Dust


Heavy traffic and urban areas can be overwhelming and unhealthy for individuals suffering from pulmonary conditions and asthma. MedicalXpress reported on a study published in the American Journal of Pathology's December issue, which describes the recent discovery of Boston University School of Medicine researchers that diesel exhaust particulates and house dust extract have strong associations with pulmonary inflammation and asthma.

Breathing Is A Natural Heartburn Remedy

apple with a heart

Good news for GERD sufferers! You might be able to huff and puff your heartburn away. A recent clinical trial showed deep breathing exercises to be effective in providing relief for certain individuals suffering from heartburn complications. The report opens up doors for alternative health practitioners seeking holistic, natural therapies for their patients with acid reflux disease. 

The Top 8 Health Foods For Your Heart

heart heathy foods

Some foods are just better than others when it comes to taking care of your heart. Here are our top picks for foods that can help lower cholesterol, blood pressure and reduce your risk of heart disease.

4 Reasons Why Pears Put The H in Health


Pears are one of the best fruits to eat in the winter. Sweet. Crisp. Juicy. Buttery. Behold! The pear! Once referred to as “the gift of the gods”, pears hold a special place in our hearts – and come winter, they’re one of the few fruits still available in the United States. There exist several varieties of pears. Some of the standouts include Anjou, Bartlett, Bosc and the itty-bitty-tootsie-cutsie Seckel. While pear varieties differ slightly in specific nutrient values, they all have one thing in common: they’re delicious and darn good for you.

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