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Discover Why Xero Shoes And Natural Movement Help Your Body

xeroshoes logo

Xero Shoes are the lightest, "most barefoot" sandals. A high-tech upgrade of the Tarahumara huaraches, Xeros are perfect for walking, hiking, yoga, or running 100-mile ultramarathons. Xero shoes founder, Steven, sat down with FeelGoodNow at LOHAS and explained his passion about natural movement.  

Find Out More About The Perfect Commuter Bike : Optibike

optibike logo

It is a commuter’s dream: a bike that finally makes it easier to travel long distances. Jim Turner founded Optibike fifteen years ago after deciding he wanted to start his own business and also utilize his knowledge of engineering. Thus, the Optibike was born.

Taking LOHAS To The Next Level With Tao Inspired Living


Tao Inspired Living is a wellness lifestyle company that offers the most essential programs and services that help people achieve an experience of balanced living, total well-being and a meaningful sense of community. Its founder and CEO, Jonathan Ellerby, sat down with FeelGoodNow at LOHAS to give a brief explanation of how Tao works, its message and goals.

How BackJoy Is Changing The World's Posture - One Back At A Time


Backjoy Orthotics is a personal wellness product company that exists to “change the way the world sits, stands, and sleeps,” according to its CEO Bing Howenstein. The foundation of the company was initially based on one product, a foam structure that lines the lower back and supports the stomach to improve lower and upper back posture. FeelGoodNow talked to Howenstein at the LOHAS conference, where Backjoy was preparing to release its new product: a pillow engineered to improve shoulder and neck posture. They also came out with orthopedic comfort soles to improve standing posture and foot comfort. The LOHAS community is an obvious niche to market their products to because of their consumer’s desire to take care of and maintain their bodies, even at an early age. They are also in process of improving their product manufacturing techniques to ensure that they are creating the most environmentally responsible product possible. You can buy your own BackJoy product on their website.

Important Facts Before You Choose Alternative Health Suppliments

how to choose alternative health suppliments

On Saturday June 23, Monika Nuffer and Lana Bradley spoke to Fitness Blogger Conferenence attendees about the importance of complementary and integrative medicine. There are many forms of alternative health practices ranging from supplemental medicines to Chinese medical practices. Assessing the credibility of these practitioners, medicines and informational sites is extremely important.

Why Kissing Is Really Good For Your Health

kissing couple

Seven ways kissing improves your health! ‘Tis the season of love –and with it comes our most cherished tradition of celebrating mutual affection: the kiss. 

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How Sitting Down Can Ruin Your Health

How sitting down can ruin your health

Sitting Down For More Than 6 Hours Per Day Can Cause Serious Health Risks. I read a rather disturbing article yesterday, as I was sitting at my desk. It was about how sitting is essentially killing me.


Jawbone Pauses Production on UP Wristband

Jawbone wrist bracelet

Innovation and technological advances in the health field are not without obstacles. mobihealthnews reports that Bluetooth maker Jawbone has issued an apology for the glitches in its UP wristband and announced it will offer full refunds in a “No Questions Asked Guarantee.” Jawbone will pause production of UP until it all issues are addressed.


What Your Unhealthy Food and Beverage Cravings Are Telling You

what your unhealthy food and beverage cravings are telling you

Most people assume that they were born with their sweet tooth, or that an addiction to coffee is due to lack of sleep. While either of these may hold some truth, there is also some science behind why your body craves the things that it does.

Brain Size and Alzheimer's Disease Linked In Health Study


Advances in technology continue to support extensive findings regarding the brain and Alzheimer's disease. Alzheimer's disease is a leading cause of death among U.S. adults, and access to better understanding of early-onset Alzheimer's is at the forefront of medical research across the country.

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