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Why Kissing Is Really Good For Your Health


Seven ways kissing improves your health! ‘Tis the season of love –and with it comes our most cherished tradition of celebrating mutual affection: the kiss. 

kissing coupleAnd, lucky for us, it turns out there are some surprising health benefits to puckering up!

  1. Kissing Relaxes You. Studies have shown that smooching your sweetie increases the levels of oxytocin, a naturally calming chemical produced by the body. Levels of dopamine are also increased, leaving you feeling calm and content.

  2. Kissing Burns Calories. OK, so it’s not exactly a run on the treadmill, but several medical journals have reported that kissing burns 2-6 calories per minute. Try this for an hour or two and you’ve burned off those chocolate covered strawberries.

  3. Kissing Boosts Immunity. Recent studies show that swapping spit can help your body fend off bugs. By exchanging small amounts of bacteria via mouth to mouth contact, your immune system is given a small reminder that an invasion is possible – keeping it on high alert.

  4. Kissing Helps You Choose The Best Partner. When you kiss someone, your body releases pheromones – hormonal scents which signal sexual attraction. Depending on the kiss, your body will produce varying types and amounts of pheromones, indicating appropriate levels of compatibility based purely on biological chemistry. In this case, Mother Nature knows best.

  5. Kissing Can Make You Live Longer. Studies show that those who kiss their partner goodbye each morning live 5 years longer than those who don’t. Pucker up for longer lasting life!

  6. Kissing: Nature’s Facelift? Using a whopping 30 facial muscles, kissing tones and tightens your facial tissues, resulting in firmer façade. Lots more kissing means no more baggy cheeks.

  7. Kissing Prevents Cavities. By increasing saliva flow in your mouth, kissing can help prevent cavities and tooth decay. Natural antibiotics excreted into the mouth via saliva are also a byproduct of kissing – another bonus for you and your pearly whites.

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