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5 Green Ways To Recycle Your Christmas Tree


There’s nothing like a live Christmas tree, spreading that piney scent throughout the holidayComposting trees season. But when Christmas is over, and the needles begin to fall, what do you do with that festive arbor? Once you remove all the tinsel and lights, here are four green ways to compost or recycle your tree this year:

  1. Treecycle- If you are in the Denver Metro area, you can participate in Treecycle, from January 3rd-13th. Simply set your tree out next to your dumpster or barrel to be picked up for recycling. Your tree will then be turned into mulch, which you can even reclaim in the springtime at the Mulch Giveaway and Compost Sale.
  2. Composting- If you have a compost pile in your backyard, good news: Trees are compostable! Shred your tree into small shavings then toss them onto the pile and watch nature take over.
  3. Building Habitats- Birds and squirrels can use it for shelter, and you can even toss it in your pond to encourage a healthy ecosystem for your fish.
  4. Cozy Fires- For those lucky homeowners with a wood-burning fireplace, you can simply chop up your tree to make firewood and kindling for those cold winter nights ahead.


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