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The FeelGoodNow Team is powered by the creativity, sweat, blood, tears and laughter of a very dedicated group of passionate individuals.


Caley Van Cleave

Co-Founder, Vice President

caley van cleaveCaley is the fearless leader and Vice President of the FeelGoodNow crew. She organizes, strategizes, hypothesizes, exercises, and ROI-zes like a boss. After graduating from the University of Denver with a degree in International Business and a minor Spanish, Caley began working on FeelGoodNow. After over three years living the startup life, Caley is all about the carpe diem and runs the company with one part scrappiness and two parts swagger. On the rare occasion that she leaves the office, Caley enjoys traveling, reading, cooking and the outdoors.

Codename: El Jefe

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Whitney Van Cleave

Co-Founder, VP of Media

whitney van cleaveEqual parts comedian, artiste, DJ and word processor, Whitney is the Vice President of Media for FeelGoodNow.  Wrangling everything from video to freelance bloggers, infographics to inter-office jam sessions, she knows her way around all things media. Maybe it was the Journalism and Art degree from the University of Denver, the stint at a Village Voice affiliate or her time at little place called mtvU that made her the media mashup that she is. Even off the clock, Whitney spends her time going to shows, making art, reading or honing her skills as a cheap white wine connoisseur. 

Codename:  The Arizona Chugger

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Andrew Nease

Director of Production

Andy team photoVideo Production Coordinator Andy Nease is a Colorado born and raised cameraman and editor. He has experience in all walks of video, from wedding and even videography to nationally broadcast television and narrative film production. He loves using video to help people tell the stories they want to, whether it's a traditional narrative piece, a promotional video, a commercial or even a corporate training video. When he's not shooting video, he's hiking or skiing with his wife, usually with a still image camera in his hands.

Codename: Andster

Follow on Twitter: @andrewnease


Iliana Pacheco

Online Marketing Specialist 

iliana pacheco Iliana knows a thing or two about words. In addition to being a master at Scrabble, she is FeelGoodNow's resident wordsmith and grammar maven. Iliana learned her magical langauge skills at the University of Denver where she studied English (with an emphasis in creative writing) and Art History. When she isn't red-lining mass quantities of content, she enjoys going to concerts, reading, the outdoors, writing poetry and learning about the occult. A die-hard football fan, her favorite word to spell is J-E-T-S, JETS JETS JETS!

Codename: Eeeeee!

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Gigi Sukin

Content Specialist

Gigi Sukin head shotGigi asks a lot of questions. Combine her ever-present curiosity with a flair for writing and you’ve got a dynamic duo all rolled into one almost-University of Denver journalism grad. A Midwestern native, Gigi adores the good old outdoors, hence her trek westward to Colorado. There she enjoys hiking, biking, jogging, skiing and exploring. After a semester abroad in London, she discovered an enthusiasm for traveling and hopes for many future adventures near and far.
Codename: The Geeginator

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Frazer Lockhart


frazer lockhartFrazer is FGN's award-winning self-proclaimed video guru. He has several years' experience in the world of video, and has a BA from the University of Denver in Film Studies and Production. He has shot several commercials, short films, promotional videos, and documentaries. It is his job to make sure FGN's clients look good, sound good and feel comfortable on camera. Frazer entered the video field when his professional Guitar Hero career turned south.

Codename: The Eye

 Follow on Twitter @frazer_lockhart


Isabel McCan

Editorial Contributor, Internship Program Graduate

Isabel 00An undergrad still trying to figure out how not to trip over her own feet, Isabel is a down-home Texas chick studying Journalism at the University of Denver. Her favorite activities include sharing music, taking cat-naps, and making questionable decisions. Isabel's current goal is to become fluent in Spanish by the time she can legally drink at a bar. Always up for a new challenge, Isabel will be working with the FeelGoodNow team as one of their new summer interns.

Codename: IzzyMacDizzy

Follow on Twitter: @izzymac92



Tory Rust

Editorial/Creative Contributor, Internship Program Graduate

describe the imageTory is a sophomore at the University of Denver and she loves to photograph everything. From fashion to nature, she is a shutterbug. When she isn’t planning her next photo shoot she is studying Strategic Communications, Spanish and Business. Next fall she will be spending a semester in Madrid to study Spanish.

Codename: Fargo

Follow on Twitter: @tory_rust




Maureen McGuire

Editorial Contributor

mauree mcguireFresh off the long and dusty trail from Austin, TX, Maureen is a pro at roping in new customers and whipping out all sorts of social media magic. Originally from Albuquerque, NM, Maureen knows just how to keep our marketing muy caliente! With a BA in International Studies from the University of Denver, and a special knack for español, Maureen likes to spend her extra time traveling, watching foreign films and digging on some ethnic cuisine.

Codename: Mo Monaaay

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