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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: What is FeelGoodNow Inc.?

A: We are a unique company, that specializes in helping members of the health and wellness industry market themselves online via social media and content marketing, as well as custom video production. Learn more


Q: Who does FeelGoodNow Inc. work with?

A: All members of the health and wellness industry, as well as environmentally conscious space, including:

  • Schools
  • Businesses
  • Associations
  • Practices
  • Organizations
  • Natural Product Companies
  • ...and more!


Q: Where is FeelGoodNow Inc. based?

A: Our company is based out of Denver, Colorado, but our service offerings are available nation-wide including our video production services. Contact us today and let us know how we can help you.


Q: Who makes up the FeelGoodNow Inc. team?

A: Our team is comprised of a group of creative, hard-working, passionate professionals, specializing in online marketing and video production for the health and wellness industry. Our diverse backgrouds and knowledge of the health and wellness space set us apart from other marketing agencies. Meet our amazing team.



Q: What is online marketing?

A: With the growing number of consumers looking for businesses and seeking help online, it is increasingly essential for businesses to establish a presence where their potential customers are searching online. Online marketing is a targeted and dynamic approach to accessing your online audience through the use of social media, unique content, video, search engine optimization, effective strategy and design. This holistic approach to marketing assists in bringing more clients through the doors of your health business.


Q: Why do I need online marketing for my health business?

A: Displaying an image of trust and credibility is extremely important, especially in the health and wellness industry, and the best way to do this today is ensuring that your business is accessible both online and in-person. A consistent and professional image and engaging online strategy will help you build your client base and generate new business.


Q: How can FeelGoodNow Inc. help market my business online?

A: Our team specializes in supporting members of the health and wellness industry in marketing their businesses in a way that is successful and effective. The variety of services and resources we offer are designed to help individuals and companies of all levels accomplish their online marketing goals and increase business.


Q: What kind of services does FeelGoodNow Inc. offer?

A: Our team offers a variety of Online marketing services, including custom assistance with social media marketing strategy, web content creation and video production, to help you promote your company online and accomplish your goals for revenue growth and overall success. Learn more.


Q: What is a social media strategy?

A:  This refers to the process of developing and following a consistent and effective plan to ensure that the time and effort put towards social media marketing are actually paying off and generating more business. Strategy typically encompasses brand awareness, public relations, customer service and community building to effectively grow your business. Contact us today.


Q: What is web content marketing?

A: Creating and curating unique content online is essential for extending the reach of your business’ online presence to build the audience you desire and establish industry expertise. Online traffic leads to real-life customers. Content marketing will help you get there. If you are short on time, creativity or expertise, we can help you by creating valuable content and providing resources for your company’s website, which can ultimately improve your ranking in search results and allow you to gain visibility online. Get started now


Q: What is custom video production?

A: Along with our expertise in online marketing, our team specializes in custom video production. We create custom videos for health, wellness and conscious companies in a high-quality yet cost-efficient manner. Whether your company needs a custom commercial, event coverage, an educational video or even a series of instructional videos, we can get the job done. Get in touch with our video team here.



Q: How much do FeelGoodNow Inc.'s video and social media services cost?

A: In order to ensure that we meet our clients’ individual needs, budget and expectations, each one of our services are uniquely priced based on each project.  Our initial consultation is always free, so that we can have a chance to understand your goals and needs as a business, and determine the most effective and efficient way to help you succeed.



Q: Does FeelGoodNow Inc. offer free resources for online marketing help?

A: Yes! We offer ebook guides, videos and articles designed to let you learn at your own pace and for FREE:

  • Learning Center: The FeelGoodNow Learning Center is a section of our website that is comprised of a wide range of articles about online marketing. Here you will find numerous tips and updates about social media networks, blogging and marketing in general, as they relate to the health and wellness industry. Learn more, here.
  • Social Media How To Marketing Guides: This section of our website provides free downloadable guides and videos that will teach you everything you need to know about social media marketing and blogging for your business. Whether you are just starting out with social media, or you are looking to optimize your Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn accounts, we have resources for you.  Plus, they’re brief, easy-to-follow, fun and designed specifically for the health and wellness industry. Check them out today.


Q: How can I get more information and updates from FeelGoodNow Inc.?

A:  Contact us anytime with your questions, feedback or to subscribe to our daily blog email updates. You can also follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube or Google+, for updates about online marketing that are relevant for your business and industry.