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What’s so special about “Pro” cameras?

man with a camera

I recently wrote about why video production is so expensive, and in it, I consolidated video production equipment to about a paragraph. Now, I want to take it a step further and break down some of the gear, and why I would pay as much for a single lens as many people pay for their entire camera.


Just What the Doctor Ordered—Trending Health with Truth

crazy doctor

I'm a natural skeptic when it comes to health trends as I'm bombarded with the latest silver bullet or one ingredient that suddenly seems to pop up everywhere (i.e. kale). My innate curiosity pulls me away from the pretty packaging and bold promises, as I take a firm ‘prove it’ stance. It's not the berries or leaves I'm concerned with, but the processing that renders products of nature unrecongizable and the extensive hype over watered down, pricey goods that probably won't do whatever it is they claim to. I do my homework before settling into the best form of healthy consumables in question, generally erring on the side of the simpler the better.

Are Fat Taxes the Key to Marketing Health?


Eat right. Get some exercise. Take care of yourself. These are common commands we hear to promote our personal health and wellness. But they don't quite seem to be cutting it, as more than one in three American adults are currently considered obese—an epidemic that has contributed to steadily increasing health care costs.

What's the Value in Viral Videos

Gangnam Style photo

"Charlie Bit Me," "Kony 2012," "Numa Numa," etc. Everyone wants their video to go viral, but many people don't understand what that even means, much less how to achieve it. So, let's begin with that. A viral video is a piece of audio-visual content online that becomes popular through the process of social sharing, typically through sites such as YouTube and Vimeo, social channels, and email. With the proliferation of camera phones, many videos are shot by amateues, sometimes capturing events that "go viral," such as the Battle at Kruger.


Balance Your Online Marketing Mix for Increased ROI

social network world in hands

What is an audience? No longer defined by or confined to a specific time or place, an audience is merely a group of individuals who share a common affinity or activity. To optimize your business' audience experience and thereby the potential for a return, you must understand the individuals who want or need the products or services you offer, right?

How To Make Your Email Designs Not Suck

The 2013 Design Guide to Email Marketing [Infographic]

Email Marketing isn't dead or outdated. We all check our emails almost religiously every minute. Smart phone technology has made it easier than ever to reach your target audience, even when they aren’t in the office. However, email marketing, if done incorrectly can be as ineffective as throwing small rocks at your customer’s window to serenade them. Here is an infographic from our friends over at HubSpot to help design that perfect email. 


Ethical Health Care Marketing—What Not to Do

wizard of oz slippers

Do you remember the first time it occured to you after browsing the ostensibly endless expanse that is the World Wide Web—shopping for this odd or that end—and then switched gears to read an email or two, that the same retailers you digitally window shopping in earlier were now popping up on either side of your screen with silent but deadly ads.


Why Social Marketing Can Help Childhood Obesity Problem

Tony the Tiger childhood obesity health

Problem: Friendly cartoon characters, bright colors, quickly-moving stimuli, toy giveaways, and contests have all been employed to sell America's youth junk food with fun and excitement for several decades now. "They also apply pressure by alluding to the possibility of fitting in more with friends or distinguishing themselves, as part of a 'cooler,' more exclusive group by eating certain foods," said Daniel S. Kirschenbaum, PhD, and author of Treating Childhood and Adolescent Obesity.

How long does custom video production take?

film strip

I'm often asked about how long video production takes. Some people want to know how long until their creative marketing tool is complete; others just want to know how much the total process will cost in labor time. There's no one answer to these question. The truth is video production is a complex process, and so it depends. I'll break down the major steps of production, and how much time they take, for the client and a production team.


Yogis Choice: Clever, Creative Content to Engage Your Market

yoga class

To take some of the pressure off, I'll let you in on a little secret: writing is not rocket science. Sure, a well-structured sentence takes solidified thoughts, and it may require multiple drafts to achieve the desired delivery. Truly memorable writing requires engaged readers and to get said readers' attention and trust, you must be compelling with whatever subject matter you opt to tackle. When successful, you have the ability to make a real impact, helping your audience learn, problem-solve, or feel inspired.

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