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Dress Up Your Online Efforts and Boo-st Your Social Presence


Often, fictional children's characters have inspiring messages and morals to share with their audiences. For the annual spooky celebration, we treat you to the wise words of some of our fine, feathered friends and potential costume-choices this Halloween with a few social media tricks up their sleeves.

How To Be An Alternative Yoga Marketing Maven


As yoga grows increasingly popular, countless new companies dedicated to instilling the benefits of health and fitness through the traditional practice, have emerged. You can now find yoga for tots, rock n’ yoga, online yoga trainers and even yoga for cowboys, which seems somewhat oxymoronic. These unconventional studios and practices can be found anywhere and everywhere. Just last week when I was roaming the cobblestone streets of Toledo, Spain I ran into an upbeat, outdoor yoga class with live music to set the mood. Hundreds of participants were gathered in an old plaza and passersby couldn’t help but to stop to watch.

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Farmers Can Harvest Online: Reap The Benefits You Sow On Social Media

farm fan

You know the farmer who lives on the edge of town; the one with the dirty suspenders and a barrel full of corn? Well guess what: even he is harvesting some healthy online habits.

A Newbie's Progress: What New Health Professionals Should Be Doing

yoga on the beach

Health and wellness professionals' motivation is often fueled by their passion for their specialization. Yoga teachers love yoga. Those in the organic and natural product fields tend to live and breathe an organic lifestyle. Therapists love to practice their healing treatments to help others. With so much enthusiasm, time and energy dedicated to their jobs, many forget to think about the other essential tasks that business owners must master to be successful. In taking a few steps back to assess key tasks that all health and wellness professionals should be doing online to better their business, we provide a guide to social media marketing for yoga studio owners and other health and fitness business owners. We also see how Clare Cui, a Denver trainer who recently entered the health and wellness industry, balances her physical fitness programs and online engagement with clients.

Not The Big Fat Greek Diet: Healthy Living Abroad

Tory Rust Greece photo

After being in Greece for over a week, I have come to the conclusion that the majority of Greek people are fit. Many islands are without roads for cars to drive on and there are mazes of pathways and steep, narrow staircases that must be climbed to get to everyday places. Each island church seems to rest on top of a steep hill, only accessible by foot or donkey. Also, I have learned the Mediterranean diet is rich in nutrients and protects against many disease, including chronic heart disease. The combination of healthy eating habits and regular exercise has clearly proven effective and is imitated by many throughout the world. 

Spiff Up Your Health Company's Online Shopping Experience

Girl working out

If your health and wellness company is selling a product, it is essential to cater the virtual shopping experience to your customers. When shopping online, you don't want to feel as though you are jumping blinding into a purchase. Even if your company has provided a detailed description and has honest customer reviews, there is still more that you can do to sell your product.


Tweak Your Tweets And Use Twitter For Your Health Practice

twitter logo

Does all this talk about social media make your head hurt? Well, using Twitter for your health practice really isn’t as difficult as it sounds. In fact, tweets are only 140 characters. So with minimal effort you can get maximum benefits from free Twitter marketing for your health business.


Be Selfish And Get Social Online

twitter fail whale

"Social media is changing the nature of healthcare interaction and the health organizations that ignore this virtual environment may be missing opportunities to engage consumers,” according to a 2012 report by the Health Research Institute.

Ways to Spiff Up Your Marketing Tactics on Facebook

facebook logo

According to a 2011 study, the masses spend over 700 billion minutes each month on Facebook – borderline obsessive, right? But turns out that is fantastic news for your wellness company. Your audience is already accessing the Facebook channel constantly- posting, Liking, commenting, browsing. So why, in the name of good business, would you pass up the chance to be reaching out to them? You wouldn't.


Content is King: How to Harness Your Content to Maximize Engagement

blogging image (1)

Are you a blogger? Do you enjoy writing, reproducing and sharing juicy content with the online world? If so, how do you engage your viewers and how do you keep them coming back?

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