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What Guy Fieri's Fail Can Teach Us About Online Content Marketing

guy fieri flavor town

If you have been on Google+ lately, (I swear people use it) you might have seen Guy Fieri’s name trending. When I first saw that little green arrow next to his name, I was confused. Why would people be talking about him? Did he have a violent run in with a giant bacon stuffed pancake? I didn’t think much about it and continued on with work.

A Chance to Catch-up—Bring Your Health Info To Reddit

Reddit alien

Perhaps I'm a bit behind the times, but for the past couple weeks I've been cozying up to Reddit, the social news website where registered users submit content in the form of a link or text "self" post. And I'm definitely not alone—in a recent blog post by Reddit CEO Yishan Wong, it was reported that the site brough in 3.8 billion page views and 46 million unique visitors last month alone.

How Custom Video Can Help Your Brand Shine


This question is symbolic of a number of the concerns that plague people who haven’t worked with video before. The overarching concern is that video isn’t worth the effort, time, or chunk out of your paycheck. To begin, here's a video we'll use for reference.


Establish your Web-Cred—Health Information and Online Care

doctor's office computer

Plenty of people are hesistant to take the plunge into the doctor's office. Perhaps you're concerned the medical services you need aren't covered under your insurance policy. Or, maybe you have a long-standing relationship with your physician(s), but when it comes to asking certain questions about a bump, a smell, a pain—sometimes it can be a bit embarassing.

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Three Facebook Rumors Debunked

whispering girls

A few months ago, there was a major purge of sorts on Facebook. Some pages saw a decrease in their number of 'Likes' by .1%. The drop off can perhaps be attributed to Facebook deleting many profiles that were either inactive or fake. Not only were the party-poopers kicked out, but Facebook slightly changed their algorithm, EdgeRank to make things more “user-friendly” as well. There were many theories floating around the web marketing world, claiming that Facebook was trying to wreak havoc on business pages by hiding posts and making it easier for fans to block updates. This, however, is not necessarily the case. We’ll take a look at the major changes happening on the social media super power and and why some of your numbers may be low or in the red.


How Email Campaigns Kick Other Online Marketing Efforts to the Curb


Though social media regularly steals the thunder of other online marketing efforts, we mustn't forget the less flashy older brother in the online strategic communication family.This may come as a surprise, but virtual mailboxes, maddening spammers, and mass messaging capabilities have been around for over 4 decades. In its maturity, email maintains a thriving business model in a sea of online communication options.


Why Pricey Custom Video Production is Worth it

video camera

Why Does Video Production Cost This Much? Once you’ve decided a video is in the cards for your company or brand—to showcase your products, services, or personality—the question of price will inevitably come up. It’s not a subject any party involved really enjoys mulling through awkwardly; but nevertheless, it’s par for the course. The uncomfortable reality of professional production is that it isn’t cheap. Let’s try to soften the blow by breaking down all the costs associated with making a video.


Dentists: Flash Your Winning Smile and Style on Social Media


How do dentists effectively leverage the Internet? According to research conducted by dental practice marketer, this past summer, nearly 70% of survey participants said their practice uses Facebook.


Why a Promotional Video Sans Script Stinks


Just wing it! That's the hip way to seem approachable and less robotic on screen, right? Wrong. Sure, sometimes improvising seems more natural; but notice how rare it is for major Hollywood motion pictures to entirely neglect the script writing phase of production. If ever you sit through the credits, I guarantee you there's a long list of script writers. Subsequently, it is the actors responsibility to familiarize themselves with the words on the page and the framework of the story; even if the pros do wing it every once in awhile.


Why No One Likes Your Tweets

Hashtags, a history cover

You've probably seen a few of # these little numbers floating around across social networks, most notably on Twitter. Maybe you have even used them a few times. But do you know if you are using them correctly? I will be honest; one of my biggest pet peeves is when someone goes overboard with their use of hashtags in their tweets. #This #is #a #sure #way #to #loose #followers. Just because you recognize what a hashtag is, doesn’t mean you know how to use it properly.

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