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Three Facebook Rumors Debunked

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A few months ago, there was a major purge of sorts on Facebook. Some pages saw a decrease in their number of 'Likes' by .1%. The drop off can perhaps be attributed to Facebook deleting many profiles that were either inactive or fake. Not only were the party-poopers kicked out, but Facebook slightly changed their algorithm, EdgeRank to make things more “user-friendly” as well. There were many theories floating around the web marketing world, claiming that Facebook was trying to wreak havoc on business pages by hiding posts and making it easier for fans to block updates. This, however, is not necessarily the case. We’ll take a look at the major changes happening on the social media super power and and why some of your numbers may be low or in the red.


Social Marketing and Online Shopping as Ads Advance on Facebook

the real dill facebook brand page

The natural trajectory in consumer development that drives competitive capitalism is: see something, you like it, you want it, you buy it (particularly since the advent of the credit card).


New Sponsored Facebook Results Could Rocket Health Business Success

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Advertising on Facebook is getting easier and easier with new updates last week including Sponsored Results and news feed advertising. Naturally, there are the complications and negative connotations that come with the territory of business interactions on social networks. People complain about brands posting ads directly to their feed. Now advertisers have yet another way to reach their audiences; but this option may be less invasive.


Using Social Media To Promote Wellness

cleveland clinic

Yes, we know, there are numerous obstacles that doctors face regarding social media. But don't forget the opportunities as well. With the changing tides of technology, social media and online marketing strategies beckon hospitals and individual practitioners online.

3f0r3: Colorado Food Companies Conquering Social Media

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As a proud Colorado native, I recognize that this state has become a mecca for those looking to pursue high-quality, active of lives in a naturally exquisite environment. I have long been impressed with the amount of insanely talented and passionate individuals who have come to call Colorado home. Cut from the cloth of the unbreakable, "work hard play hard" pioneers, who refuse to give up on our dreams, our state's collective productivity, strong core values and awareness of the extraordinary environment make it unmatched locale.

GetFit Makes Social Healthcare Motivating

black and white, pushups and fitnessIn an effort to extend public awareness about cancer prevention and general health, GE Healthcare launched a global competition across social networks, Facebook, Twitter and Chinese microblogging site, Sina Weibo today.


The Dark Side of Facebook Marketing

The Dark Side of Facebook Marketing for companies in the heatlh space.

Within a few short years, Facebook has penetrated the global market so much so it has become a household name both on and offline. If it isn’t used to connect with old friends, family and colleagues, share, chat and browse trending topics and random information, it can function as a channel for advertising. Most recently, developments on the site have called to question the average user's ability to opt out of business' online ads.


Social Media Updates May Help Your Yoga Studio Marketing Efforts

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To end the week and start out the month of August on an exciting note, Facebook rolled out new updates for businesses to target their posts using their Brand Pages on the social media site.

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3 Social Networks Where Your Patients Are Looking For You

Stethoscope with social media network icons: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Think about the last time you visited a new business. Did you look it up online first to read reviews, learn about the company, get directions or even just a phone number?  

How Health Businesses Should Be Marketing With Facebook Pages

how health businesses should be marketing on facebook

Facebook. Ok, I know what you're thinking, "I'm a health professional, why should I be on Facebook?" The fact of the matter is, Facebook can be a powerful tool that, if used properly and for good, not evil, can vastly improve communication and quality of services with your clients or patients. The fact of the matter is, social media is the future of communication between patients and health care professionals.

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