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Just What the Doctor Ordered—Trending Health with Truth

crazy doctor

I'm a natural skeptic when it comes to health trends as I'm bombarded with the latest silver bullet or one ingredient that suddenly seems to pop up everywhere (i.e. kale). My innate curiosity pulls me away from the pretty packaging and bold promises, as I take a firm ‘prove it’ stance. It's not the berries or leaves I'm concerned with, but the processing that renders products of nature unrecongizable and the extensive hype over watered down, pricey goods that probably won't do whatever it is they claim to. I do my homework before settling into the best form of healthy consumables in question, generally erring on the side of the simpler the better.

Are Fat Taxes the Key to Marketing Health?


Eat right. Get some exercise. Take care of yourself. These are common commands we hear to promote our personal health and wellness. But they don't quite seem to be cutting it, as more than one in three American adults are currently considered obese—an epidemic that has contributed to steadily increasing health care costs.

Why Social Marketing Can Help Childhood Obesity Problem

Tony the Tiger childhood obesity health

Problem: Friendly cartoon characters, bright colors, quickly-moving stimuli, toy giveaways, and contests have all been employed to sell America's youth junk food with fun and excitement for several decades now. "They also apply pressure by alluding to the possibility of fitting in more with friends or distinguishing themselves, as part of a 'cooler,' more exclusive group by eating certain foods," said Daniel S. Kirschenbaum, PhD, and author of Treating Childhood and Adolescent Obesity.

A Chance to Catch-up—Bring Your Health Info To Reddit

Reddit alien

Perhaps I'm a bit behind the times, but for the past couple weeks I've been cozying up to Reddit, the social news website where registered users submit content in the form of a link or text "self" post. And I'm definitely not alone—in a recent blog post by Reddit CEO Yishan Wong, it was reported that the site brough in 3.8 billion page views and 46 million unique visitors last month alone.

Establish your Web-Cred—Health Information and Online Care

doctor's office computer

Plenty of people are hesistant to take the plunge into the doctor's office. Perhaps you're concerned the medical services you need aren't covered under your insurance policy. Or, maybe you have a long-standing relationship with your physician(s), but when it comes to asking certain questions about a bump, a smell, a pain—sometimes it can be a bit embarassing.

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OMG, DRs On SM?!?

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A recent study funded by pharmecuetical giant, Pfizer indicates that nearly a quarter of American physicians use social media in a professional capacity to exchange medical information. Of those surveyed, 14% said they contributed new information on a daily basis to forums, news feeds, walls, etc.

Well on our Way to Merging Traditional and Alternative Health Care

woman weighing health options

The debate between alternative medicine and what we consider traditional health care in the western world has been raging on for far too long. Since British physicians first attempted to explain the concept of germs and sanitation to a native culture whose medicinal practices were too established to be changed.


The Golden Rule of Web 2.0- Be Good, Feel Good

Keep It Real

Feel Good Now. What does this mean to you? Because we are marketers of health organizations and wellness companies, lifestyle brands, natural product businesses, etc., we regularly discuss nutrition, diet, exercise, healthy living tips and tricks. We understand the value of inclusive health: physical, emotional and mental wellness.

Honest Marketing: Weighing in on Organic Health

Nourished Health Logo

Because the FeelGoodNow team includes organic products and businesses in our health and wellness space, to successfully market social healthcare, we wanted to speak to an expert on the ongoing organic ordeal. With social media keeping everyone accountable, to further size up the significance of organic foods, the farming industry and healthy eating habits, we had a brief Q&A with Katie Bauer, the founding director of Nourished Health Center, an integrative health center in Uptown, Denver where her holistic nutrition and and herbal clinic specializes in digestive health and food intolerances. Bauer’s background includes biodynamic, organic farming in Oregon and Mexico, where she worked with small-scale farms that sold locally and at farm stands at Community Sponsored Agriculture.

GS: Please explain your professional background with health and nutrition?

Not The Big Fat Greek Diet: Healthy Living Abroad

Tory Rust Greece photo

After being in Greece for over a week, I have come to the conclusion that the majority of Greek people are fit. Many islands are without roads for cars to drive on and there are mazes of pathways and steep, narrow staircases that must be climbed to get to everyday places. Each island church seems to rest on top of a steep hill, only accessible by foot or donkey. Also, I have learned the Mediterranean diet is rich in nutrients and protects against many disease, including chronic heart disease. The combination of healthy eating habits and regular exercise has clearly proven effective and is imitated by many throughout the world. 

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