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Dress Up Your Online Efforts and Boo-st Your Social Presence


Often, fictional children's characters have inspiring messages and morals to share with their audiences. For the annual spooky celebration, we treat you to the wise words of some of our fine, feathered friends and potential costume-choices this Halloween with a few social media tricks up their sleeves.

How to Manage Your Wellness Social Media Accounts During The Holidays

Twitter bird

Gift certificates, holiday deals and steep discounts swarm social media channels throughout November and December. Unfortunately at the height of the holiday season, the balance between vacation time and business maintenance teeters off kilter. Practitioners in the midst of warm cookies and festive wreaths face an inevitable chicken or egg situation with their businesses. Buzzing social media accounts and heavy engagement are all pre-holiday signs of a blossoming venture, but what actually happens when owners close shop for a week and those active customers disappear on vacation?

Holiday Greetings with Social Media For Wellness Practitioners

FeelGoodNow Facebook greeting

It's that time of year to start putting together your holiday greetings for family, friends, and...clients? That's right! It may seem unnecessary, but according to, sending out holiday greetings can strengthen the bond of trust between you and your clients.

Hosting an Open House For Your Health Care Practice

twinkle light

A time for togetherness is the name of the game this time of year.  As your calendar fills up with holiday parties and events, you probably will be attending some prime shindigs to meet new people, and even network for your practice. But instead of booking your calendar with other people’s soirees, why not host your own?

Holiday Greeting Cards for Your Health Care Business

Happy New Year Holiday Greeting Card

What is your favorite part of the holiday season? Twinkle lights? Glistening snow? Or could it be the fact that it’s the only time of year when it’s remotely acceptable to chug a carton of eggnog? How about the holiday greeting cards you receive from your friends and family?

Offer Holiday Deals and Gain More Clients For Your Wellness Practice

relaxing hot stone massage

Soothing massage, the release of an adjustment, newly flowing energy from an acupuncture session, relaxing therapy, or an invigorating yoga class. Mention any of these words to a friend and it will make them melt. With the high stress of the holidays, shoulders start to tense, eyelids twitch and the mind runs a mile a minute. Alternative health therapies encourage us to relax, breathe deeply and shake off that unwanted holiday stress. After all, it’s the time to enjoy family, friends and great food.

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