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Why No One Likes Your Tweets

Hashtags, a history cover

You've probably seen a few of # these little numbers floating around across social networks, most notably on Twitter. Maybe you have even used them a few times. But do you know if you are using them correctly? I will be honest; one of my biggest pet peeves is when someone goes overboard with their use of hashtags in their tweets. #This #is #a #sure #way #to #loose #followers. Just because you recognize what a hashtag is, doesn’t mean you know how to use it properly.


Health Care Marketers Give Twitter a Try

Twitter comic

[Health] is something that’s interesting to us,” said Melissa Barnes, Twitter’s head of agency and brand advocacy, at the Health 2.0 conference in San Francisco Monday.
 And we couldn’t agree more—health is incredibly interesting and of vital importance. The industry is impacted by policy and regulation, geography, business, science and technology. In essence, there’s a lot to talk about when it comes to health and it varies circumstantially from person-to-person.

At the Health 2.0 presentation, Barnes said that health-related tweets have increased 51 percent this year so far.

Given the ever-rising demand for health resources, health care marketers may find a host of opportunities on social media, with a space to connect with patients and further expand and establish their expertise to help the masses pursue optimal health.

Tailor Tweets to Your Health-Conscious Target Audience Today

New Belgium Twitter Page

 “When people discover offers and messages about the things they care about on Twitter, it’s good for both marketers and users.”

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Using Social Media To Promote Wellness

cleveland clinic

Yes, we know, there are numerous obstacles that doctors face regarding social media. But don't forget the opportunities as well. With the changing tides of technology, social media and online marketing strategies beckon hospitals and individual practitioners online.

3f0r3: Colorado Food Companies Conquering Social Media

3for3 logo

As a proud Colorado native, I recognize that this state has become a mecca for those looking to pursue high-quality, active of lives in a naturally exquisite environment. I have long been impressed with the amount of insanely talented and passionate individuals who have come to call Colorado home. Cut from the cloth of the unbreakable, "work hard play hard" pioneers, who refuse to give up on our dreams, our state's collective productivity, strong core values and awareness of the extraordinary environment make it unmatched locale.

GetFit Makes Social Healthcare Motivating

black and white, pushups and fitnessIn an effort to extend public awareness about cancer prevention and general health, GE Healthcare launched a global competition across social networks, Facebook, Twitter and Chinese microblogging site, Sina Weibo today.


Social Media Updates May Help Your Yoga Studio Marketing Efforts

yoga studio practice

To end the week and start out the month of August on an exciting note, Facebook rolled out new updates for businesses to target their posts using their Brand Pages on the social media site.

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3 Social Networks Where Your Patients Are Looking For You

Stethoscope with social media network icons: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Think about the last time you visited a new business. Did you look it up online first to read reviews, learn about the company, get directions or even just a phone number?  

The Twitter/LinkedIn Romance Comes to an End


Breaking news from the social media world: Twitter has decided to break off its two-year relationship with LinkedIn! Since 2009, the social media giants worked harmoniously so that user’s could sync their posts between the two platforms. Should social media savvy health and wellness businesses be concerned this will impact their efforts at effective Twitter marketing?

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Why Health Businesses Are Failing On Twitter

twitter fail whale

As you well know, Twitter is not going anywhere. Setting up your Twitter profile and tweeting some sweet content is already probably a part of your daily routine. But, are you posting tweets without seeing any real results? Are you scratching your head wondering why no one will click on your well-composed tweets? Well, it might not be your content or your tweets. It could be that you are posting on the wrong days and at the wrong times.

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