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Yogis Choice: Clever, Creative Content to Engage Your Market

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To take some of the pressure off, I'll let you in on a little secret: writing is not rocket science. Sure, a well-structured sentence takes solidified thoughts, and it may require multiple drafts to achieve the desired delivery. Truly memorable writing requires engaged readers and to get said readers' attention and trust, you must be compelling with whatever subject matter you opt to tackle. When successful, you have the ability to make a real impact, helping your audience learn, problem-solve, or feel inspired.

How To Be An Alternative Yoga Marketing Maven


As yoga grows increasingly popular, countless new companies dedicated to instilling the benefits of health and fitness through the traditional practice, have emerged. You can now find yoga for tots, rock n’ yoga, online yoga trainers and even yoga for cowboys, which seems somewhat oxymoronic. These unconventional studios and practices can be found anywhere and everywhere. Just last week when I was roaming the cobblestone streets of Toledo, Spain I ran into an upbeat, outdoor yoga class with live music to set the mood. Hundreds of participants were gathered in an old plaza and passersby couldn’t help but to stop to watch.

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Facilitating Connections Beyond the Studio with Online Yoga Marketing

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While many businesses have suffered severe losses and negative growth since the 2008 economic slump, according to an April 2012 report published by leading market research group IBISWorld Inc., yoga and Pilates is one of the top 10 fastest growing industries in the U.S.


The Yoga Lifestyle: Inhale, Exhale, Tweet

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How do you stay centered while concocting the best practices for yoga studio marketing? Many yoga companies and practitioners have already taken the initiative to implement social media into their business plans. FeelGoodNow attended the Hanuman Festival in Boulder, Colorado on June 8 and interviewed a few participants to see how they consciously use social media in their practices. At the festival we learned that several practitioners regularly use social media sites including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and blogs. These guys obviously know the benefits of an effective social media marketing campaign!

Social Media Explained in Terms of The Downward Dog

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Here's some yoga studio maketing tips to increase your social media expertise and produce om-azing results for your wellness business.

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