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3 Ways Facebook Subscribe Button Is Useful for Health Professional


For nearly a decade, Facebook has remained a durable yet impressive fixture on the socialfacebook media scene. About half of Facebook’s over 800,000,000 million active users sign onto the network daily. Not only that, 56% percent of useres update thier status' daily. That is a lot of engagement!

As years pass, the number of people and companies interacting, exchanging information and building relationships continues to rise. Facebook’s ineffable success and staying power in the face of new networks like Google+ and competitors like Twitter is, for many, a baffling conundrum. Just how do they do it? How does Facebook stay on top?

Facebook never gets old; it never gets stale. Innovation is the key to its valuable efficiency and power.

Every few months, the network rolls out new add-ons, changes and advances. In September of 2011, Facebook announced the “Subscribe” button, which gives users more control over what appears in their News Feed, whose updates they can see and the opportunity to share personal updates with non-friend individuals.

Subscribe Details

  • Only get the news or content you want in your News Feed that pertains to your alternative health practice.

  • You can get outsider updates, meaning you can get updates from people (big wigs in the industry) that are not in your friends list.

  • Allowing subscribers to your updates can grow your following and drive more traffic to your site.


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