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How To Increase Your Twitter Followers


Are you looking to make a better impression on Twitter and gain followers for your health practice? There are a few basic tips to consider when tweeting. While there is mystery surrounding the “follow,” there are certain tactics that will help you garner a larger and higher quality follower base.

twitter bird
  1. Post unique information several times daily. The more unique the content you provide, the more valuable you will be to your followers. Keep in mind, followers seek what is valuable and do not hesitate to “unfollow” if you don’t provide it.
  2. Engage with other people’s tweets in an authentic manner. Stay away from statements that scream spammer to your followers. SEE ALSO: Tailor Tweets to Your Health-Conscious Target Audience Today
  3. Sometimes posting about a completely unrelated topic than usual keeps your followers on their toes as well as opens you up to new followers. For example, if you’re a nutritionist who typically posts recipes, throw in a tweet or two about a new book you’re reading. SEE ALSO: 3 Creative Ways To Use Twitter For Health Professionals
  4. Stay active daily if possible. We understand that as a health practitioner you are extremely busy, but the more you contribute to your Twitter account the more people will follow you.
  5. Join a weekly Twitter chat on a subject in your health industry. It is a great way to meet new followers interested in similar information.
  6. Invest time in creating a succinct Twitter bio that is keyword rich and include a quality picture. Make your Twitter feel more like a personal conversation with your followers by not using your practice’s logo. Instead use a personal photo.
  7. Utilize the power of Twitter search to find others with similar interests.
  8. Retweet other people’s interesting posts to help grow your followers too.
  9. Consider hosting a chat on Twitter yourself to share your expertise in your industry. For instance, an acupuncturist could host a chat to discuss the healing power of acupuncture treatments for recovering cancer patients. SEE ALSO: 10 Tips To Better Tweets For Alternative Health Practitioners
  10. Learn to be patient. Growing your followers takes time and effort.

Start following these simple guidelines today to begin growing your followers. If you would like to learn more or still have questions, our social media marketing team is here to help.





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