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Blog Conferences Promote Industry Networking In Person and Online


So… what is a bloggers conference, anyways?zoomed in typewriter, "BLOG" A blog conference provides the opportunity to network, workshop and learn more about the latest concepts, products and services in a given industry. Regardless of a massive or minuscule turnout at the event, blogs tend to amass major followings.  For instance, a recent interior design blogger conference drew a crowd of 350; however combined, the bloggers had a readership of over 4 million!

People go to learn about what to write, how to write it and discover more about their specialty area and audience.

Conceptually, a blogger conference is much like an industry trade show or convention. But instead of endorsing a product or service directly to customers or other industry specialists, brands are in front of bloggers, people who write directly to a consumer audience.

In capitalizing on the trend of everything moving online, often advertisers opt to reach out to influential bloggers at blog conferences for networking purposes.

Why go?

By attending a bloggers conference, you can learn about blogging as a health practitioner, regardless of being a beginner or expert. Fear not the social media geeks armed with their smart phones, computers and cameras.

Participating in such an event allows you to dive into others work and motivations in a given social space for the health and wellness industry, or more quietly and casually take it all in. Also, it provides a specific occasion to surround yourself with like minded individuals, exploring the online realm and attempting to gain traction by sharing ideas effectively.

The 2012 Fitness & Health Bloggers Conference

This year’s Fitness and Bloggers Conference, taking place June 22-24 at the Anschutz Health and Wellness Center in Denver, Colorado is the premier conference discussing online communication on cutting-edge fitness and health information with the goal of improving overall wellness and more specifically combating obesity.

Some things to look forward to at the FHBC Conference this year include:

  • Covering cutting-edge science of health and wellness
  • Scientific researchers and industry leaders from across the country
  • Networking time with out fitness and health professionals
  • Pre-conference educational morning covering blogging topics on: ethics, SEO, monetization, community and content creation, etc.
  • A mountain excursion
  • Four scheduled hours of fit camps, running clinics and innovative fitness activities to promote an active lifestyle
  • Four meals included
  • Access to a $70 million facility completed in April

Gigi Sukin headshotGigi Sukin is the content manager at FeelGoodNow, Inc. Gigi supports health and wellness industry members, creating and curating useable, yet creative content to market health online. 



If you want to sign up to jump start your blogging strategy check out their website for more details.



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