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The Yoga Lifestyle: Inhale, Exhale, Tweet


How do you stay centered while concocting the best practices for yoga studio marketing? Many yoga companies and practitioners have already taken the initiative to implement socialHaunumission logo media into their business plans. FeelGoodNow attended the Hanuman Festival in Boulder, Colorado on June 8 and interviewed a few participants to see how they consciously use social media in their practices. At the festival we learned that several practitioners regularly use social media sites including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and blogs. These guys obviously know the benefits of an effective social media marketing campaign!

Yoga is a way of life for many practitioners. A healthy and positive social media presence should be integrated with the yoga lifestyle so that practitioners can share their knowledge with more people. A representative from the yoganonomous booth at the festival summed up the importance of social media implementation by saying, “Inhale, exhale, tweet. Inhale, exhale, post.”

Practitioners should be reaching out to their audience through social media for yoga studio marketing. Doing so allows for more interaction with potential customers. Erin from My Yoga Online, a company based out of Vancouver that streams Mind-Body videos all over the world, mentioned that the company uses several social media outlets. They often use funny yoga photos and quotes to appeal to consumers. Finding a creative way to reach customers can be extremely beneficial. Using humor, images and quote can also help.

Not all companies at the festival have found their social media groove like My Yoga Online has. Other companies like Natural Fitness are working hard to revamp their social sites to improve their presence and better relate to customers. At their Hanuman booth, Casee highlighted the importance of using social media to brand the company. Social media has many branding advantages and features. Companies just have to maintain a consistent appearance and to take the time to figure out what works best. Kudos to Natural Fitness for revamping their social platforms to better relate to their customers!

To better your practices' social media presence and to see why your practice needs to be online be sure to check out our learning resources.



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