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LOHAS Panel Provides Tips for Conscious Content Creators


FLOHAS logo with multi-colored rectangles in backgroundor the past two days, your social media marketing specialists, the FeelGoodTeam, has bounced up to Boulder to engage with the LOHAS crowd, gaining inspiration and knowledge along the way.

The uber-conscious collection of individuals come from the health, fitness, environment, personal development, sustainable living and social justice sectors, as you may find from our variety of live feed interviews we scored throughout the event.

Both days consisted of lecture series, panel discussions, networking breakouts and opportunities to explore the marketplace of ideas.

One particular “Media Dynamics” panel we attended, featuring Pilar Gerasimo, Dave Schiff, Robin Hessinger and Terri Trespicio, concentrated on the division between the editorial and advertising sides of the media biz.

Gerasimo, the founding editor of “Experience Life,” an award-winning whole-life health and fitness magazine moderated the talk, suggesting the tendency to suppress stories and angles in the publishing world, as well as drive certain stories in order to ensure specific content arrive in the mass public’s consciousness.

“[There’s a need for] an environment you can trust,” she said. “LOHAS consumers are driven by values [and] have a great nose for bullshit.”

For the health and wellness practitioners out there, it’s important to note that the vortex that is the online universe, sucking in your time and energy, can be harnessed to serve your needs as well as those of your clients.

With unending space and no need for pesky advertisers to hold you back, you can design the content creation for your business’s social media channels, to ensure that the stories you need told are out there for the world to learn.

“How do you make growth and good symbiotic?” asked Schiff, who started his advertising career 10 years ago as a copywriter at Crispin Porter + Bogusky, where his creative work drove sales for clients including: MINI Cooper, IKEA and Coke Zero, winning awards across the globe.

In an attempt to pursue the exact goodness he suggested, Schiff, along with two other former CP+B’ers left the agency to support a renaissance in American manufacturing with their new shop, MADE.

He added that “transparency is an important first step… to brand your community in a meaningful way.”

The interactivity innate to the internet further supports this by allowing consumers to engage in direct conversation with brands and businesses.

Robyn Hessinger, editor-in-chief of, a 20 million member healthy living space suggested that customers are active on social media by “writing lots of comments,” sharing   diverse commentary on a range of material.

Remember, “people are discerning, educated and aware.” So format your content accordingly, and make it high quality.

Without many restrictions of traditional media platforms, that are “shaped and shifted by business interests,” according to Terri Trespicio, writer, healthy living expert, content strategist and former senior editor at Martha Stewert’s “Whole Living” magazine; “we support what people want.”

So take-aways from these fearless thought-leaders:

  • know your consumers and clients
  • be transparent
  • provide a wide array of information for your discerning audience
  • don't live by the traditional assumption in publishing that 'everyone knows'
  • with social media, people react in real time. Be in the action!

Gigi Sukin headshotGigi Sukin is the content manager at FeelGoodNow, Inc. Gigi supports health and wellness industry members, creating and curating useable, yet creative content to market health online. 

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