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3 Creative Ways To Use Twitter For Health Professionals


Twitter is a hot topic in multiple ways. For one, it is an extremely fast paced network, hostingwoman with the word tweet written behind her one billion tweets every five days (jeffbaullas).  Watching the tweets stream by can be overwhelming, especially for a beginner. Don’t get discouraged; you simply need to learn how to conquer the beast. Know what professionals use Twitter for.  In fact, 34 percent of marketers have generated leads using Twitter. Meaning, that the clients that follow you are going to read your tweets. 

Here is a secret, Twitter is all hinged on sharing killer content. Yes, there is that word again, content. Weather that is your own content or someone else’s; sharing it on Twitter with your followers is a good thing. The philosophy of the Internet is all based on the fluidity of sharing ideas.

 You can use Twitter the following ways:

  1. 1. News source- sign onto Twitter and follow all your favorite news sources. They tweet their headlines regularly and therefore, you can get all the latest news. It’s faster than running to the corner store and buying a newspaper.
  2. 2. Promote your blog posts- whenever you write a blog post, don’t forget to let your Twitter followers know so they can go check it out.
  3. 3. Sharing deals- did you just decide that you are giving 20% off an acupuncture session? Tweet it to get some people through your door! 


IlianaFooterIliana Pacheco is a social media Jedi master. She is an SEO and Internet geek with healthy ties to creativity. She is the Online Marketing Manager for FeelGoodNow, Inc. Helping health businesses achieve online success is a passion. .




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