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Tweak Your Tweets And Use Twitter For Your Health Practice


Does all this talk about social media make your twitter logohead hurt? Well, using Twitter for your health practice really isn’t as difficult as it sounds. In fact, tweets are only 140 characters. So with minimal effort you can get maximum benefits from free Twitter marketing for your health business.

It all comes down to creatively crafting tweets on a consistent basis. Without engaging, clever messages, your followers' eyes will quickly glance over your health practice’s tweets and move on to more inspiring blurbs. You want to catch your followers’ attention. Be bold. Use these quick tips when writing your tweets:

  • Be Relatable – Your followers are the most important people to please when it comes to using Twitter for your health practice. Keep them in mind when it comes to composing tweets. If your messages don’t appeal to your primary audience, tweak the words to perfect your message and communicate strategically. 
  • Make Them Retweetable – Retweeting means that others can share your tweets with their followers. If your tweet is easy to retweet it, is more likely to be shared by many. The more exposure you get, the better for business your efforts are!
  • Sell It – Your followers are seeing too many tweets to count at any given time; to be noticed, your work must to stand out. Make your message succinct, juicy and clever.  
  • Write Consistently – Make sure your content has a particular focus that is related to your business. If you are a yoga practitioner, push content that is related to yoga.
  • Use Proper Punctuation and Grammar – Don't get caught carelessly tweeting. Even if only 140 characters, this work is still published, so let that thought carry weight. If you are a professional, write like a professional.

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Check out some of FeelGoodNow's tweets for examples:
Screen shot 2012 07 18 at 1.38.24 PM
Screen shot 2012 07 18 at 1.37.50 PM
Screen shot 2012 07 18 at 1.11.47 PM
Make every tweet count.
photo credit: Andreas Eldh


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