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Spiff Up Your Health Company's Online Shopping Experience


If your health and wellness company is selling a Girl working outproduct, it is essential to cater the virtual shopping experience to your customers. When shopping online, you don't want to feel as though you are jumping blinding into a purchase. Even if your company has provided a detailed description and has honest customer reviews, there is still more that you can do to sell your product.

A few weeks ago released an article about how Free People, a trendy women’s clothing label owned by Urban Outfitters, has begun to integrate Instagram photos onto its product pages.

The retailer has successfully creating a well-rounded and consumer-minded online shopping experience, designating hashtags to each product in their clothing line and allowing customers to upload photos to Twitter and Instagram wearing the brand's items of the season. Potential customers can then see how the product looks on various body shapes, beyond the models in the company catalogues and look books.

This is a creative example of how one company utilized social media to benefit their customers and marketing campaign both on and offline. Consider the inventive options available for your health and wellness company or product line to get active on social media for the benefit of your clients and customers. Real photos from real people can be much more powerful and marketable for online consumers than photos of models.

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José de Cabo, the cofounder of the company that assists Free People in creating a simplistic way to collect and organize consumer photos says, “Lots of e-commerce customers end up not buying a product because they’re not sure how the product is going to fit after they make the purchase.” Photos of real people with different body shapes and sizes will let consumers get a sense of how the product will fit them. 

And with mobile applications such as Instagram, you can dazzle your images instantly and almost effortlessly. 

So why not create a consumer based photo plan that ties into social media? Give it a try and expand your social media presence.

Not sure about social media for your health and wellness business? Want a helping hand?




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