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Why Your Small Business Needs To Get On The Google Plus Bandwagon


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Google+ may still be the newbie of social networking sites but it is quickly shaping up to be a very serious contender in the race to the gold. After only a single year, Google+ has garnered 90 million users at lightening speed. Yet in comparison to the 800+ million Facebook users and over 200 million Twitter users, Google's social network doesn't seem to hold a candle.

Then can you justify dedicating time and effort to another social site to be most effective in your online marketing campaign for your small business?

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As with all social media, Google+ provides a platform for sharing and connecting with your peers and customers. The Google+ “circles” make it simple to segment your contacts into various groups that make it simpler to share content with specified audiences.

Not to mention Google+ Hangouts provides another platform to intimately engage with clients and other professionals on video chat sessions that allow up to 9 people to participate. This services is a stellar way to brainstorm, hold long distance meetings and collaborate interactively.

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But the most important reason why your small business should be on Google+ is the simple fact that it is indexed by Google - the giant that we all know, is pretty much the Grand Poo-bah of the Internet.

What this means is that when you create your Google+ account for your business page, the social network offers its direct connection to Google Search results. Therefore, when someone searches your business, you Google+ brand Page will pop right up on Google Maps, Google Places and the rest of Google’s integrated applications! The more Google sifts your name through their full suite of search services, the higher your online visibility.

Also, any content that you publish to the world wide web, for instance, as a yoga studio you publish a weekly blog with best yoga practices tips, this will quickly be indexed by Google and boost your SEO ranking through the roof as well.

So, in this ever-social universe, where social media reigns supreme as our latest and greatest communication vehicle, don’t discount Google+ as a vital asset to your online marketing campaign. 

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