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Don't End Up A Social Media Marketing Monster


Loving Hands   Copyright Whitney Van CleaveDoes age matter when it comes to effective social media marketing? Potentially, but that wasn't the most striking element of Digital Entrepreneur Hollis Thomases' controversial article in Inc. last week that caught my attention.

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Instead of joining the ranks in the ongoing ageism-in-agencies war, I found my mind wandering to another challenge facing many health and wellness businesses: their relationships with their marketing firms.

"They may not understand your business," Thomases asserted, "You are handing the keys to your social media kingdom to a newcomer, but there's plenty that they need to understand beyond the social tools themselves."

Many conscious companies are acutely aware of the need to incorporate social media into their marketing strategies but aren't entirely sure how.

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Subsequently, they turn to outside marketing agencies and social media marketing specialists to handle all of the "social stuff." Choosing the right group to handle such an important task is a big decision. You wouldn't hire a German company to do social media marketing for a Colorado business or Phillip-Morris' agency to do your healthcare marketing.  After all, we are talking about the public image and integrity of your company, the company that you have worked so hard to cultivate, devoted time and energy to and are extremely passionate about. Handing the reins to any old agency just won't do.

Any good marketing agency should function as a extra limb of your business instead of its own independent side project. As such, you should look for a company with the same pulse as your own, otherwise, you could end up with a Frankenstein-esque monster of a marketing endeavor that is neither pretty, healthy nor effective.

Don't be afraid of being too picky with your marketing needs. Instead, avoid a potentially monstrous situation by carefully selecting the marketing company that is right for you. And since I know that sometimes pretty campaigns and promises can be deceiving, here's a list of questions to ask yourself as you you go through the selection process:

    1. Does this marketing agency understand your core business values? (And on that note, do they have them?)
    2. Do they align with your corporate culture? 
    3. Do they understand your industry?
    4. Hypothetically, if they were your new boyfriend or girlfriend, would you want to take them home to meet your parents?
    5. What types of people do they work with? (Mama always said "You are the company you keep.")
    6. Size does matter. Do you feel like David, Goliath or yourself?
    7. Relationship status: Do you want to be married to them or just casually dating?
    8. Would your marketers buy your products? (Selling and promoting things you don't believe in is probably a red-flag...Just saying.)

WhitneyVanCleaveFooterWhitney Van Cleave is a media maven, marketing aficionado, Co-Founder and VP of Media of FeelGoodNow, Inc. Whitney helps health and wellness companies  increase their business with creative and effective online marketing.




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